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We have been the Sole UK Importer and Distributor for Gull Boat Oars and Boat Paddles for over 25 years, supplying Water Authorities, County Councils, UK Boat Builders, Royal Parks & Estates. We have even supplied Film sets, Department stores, Pubs and Interior Designers.

Gull Boat Oars make a complete range of boat paddles in any combination of length, shaft size, blade size and grip type.

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Why should you choose Gull Rowing Oars? Just look at all the features listed below!

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles2THE GULL “WHITE WATER” OAR

Truly magnificent Laminated Ash/Fir Rowing Oars. Constructed from carefully selected Tasman Fir* cores with Ash laminates on the stress faces and the blade edges. The tips are reinforced with Ash fillets to withstand the rigours of white water rafting. These very strong, resilient boat oars have a light, live feel. For the exacting demands of the White Water rafter this is the best oar available. Sizes from 9ft to 12 ft (2.7m to 3.6m).

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles3


Probably the finest rowing oar we make. Laminated from Ash and Fir to the same exacting standards and manufacturing techniques as our rugged White Water Oars, but with a slimmer 2″ (51mm) shaft. These river oars are especially designed for medium sized inflatables, are ideal for drift boat fishing and are a delight to handle. Sizes from 8ft to 10ft (2.4m to 3m).

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles4


Crafted from strong, durable Australian Ash, these heavy duty oars have extra long, laminated blades and selected straight-grain robust shafts. Built to withstand the rigours of strong arm tactics and turbulent water punishment. Sizes from 8ft to 10ft (2.4m to 3m).

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles5


A beautifully finished, laminated oar made from Tasman Fir*, finely sanded and grain sealed before varnishing. Robust and strong but light and durable. Every wooden rowing oar is a perfect specimen. Sizes from 5ft to 8ft 6″ (1.5m to 2.55m).

Gull Wooden Rowing Oars have developed special polyurethane OAR SLEEVES. They are custom made to fit without the need for nails.

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles6


The result of considerable research and rigorous testing over a number of years. The tough, acetyl snap-lock joint avoids the problems of denting and corrosion associated with metal ferrules. Sizes from 5ft to 7ft (1.5m to 2.1m).

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles7

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles11. GULL ‘River’ Oars,’ ‘White Water’ Oars and ‘Striped’ Paddles – Feature Gull’s unique laminated shaft with strong Australian Ash on the stressed faces supported by a light weight Pine core. These shafts are almost as strong as solid Ash shafts but are lighter, better looking and much more stable.

2. GULL’s new Red Beech Palm Grip – Combines the best of aesthetic looks and pleasant feel with superb craftsmanship to produce a well-balanced, contrasting coloured grip that is pleasing to the eye and extra nice in the hand.

3. GULL River Oars – White Water Oars and Tee Handle Paddles have a hardwood fillet laminated in the blade tips to resist splitting in arduous conditions.

4. GULL OAR SLEEVES – Made from Black Polyurethane plastic, these sleeves cannot be broken under extreme conditions, are very resistant to abrasion and will last for years. Gull oar sleeves are made in 2 sizes, 44mm and 40mm, to fit perfectly on Gull oars.

5. NYLON ROWLOCKS – Made from strong and wear-resistant Nylon, these rowlocks come complete with gunwale ferrules which lock in the shank with a half turn.

Paddles (We can supply in Bulk)


Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles8

Beautifully finished and sporting our attractive Red Beech Palm Grip, this rugged boat paddle satisfies the needs of strong paddlers from fishermen to white water rafters. Made from Tasman Fir in lengths 4ft, 5ft and 5.5ft (1.35m, 1.5m and 1.65m).


(‘PL’ series)

A range of lightweight paddles for younger paddlers and for light duty use in calmer waters and for the guys and gals who just want to paddle along and enjoy life. These boat paddles have smaller shafts and thinner blades designed to save weight.

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles9


(‘PW’ series)

Gull now offers a complete range of boat paddles for the specialists. These paddles feature full size blades for power paddlers and a choice of Tee Grip or Palm Grip, plus rugged or light weight shafts. All boat paddles have Gull’s traditional high gloss finish and hardwood tip reinforcement. Available in four sizes, 4’6″, 4’8″, 4’10” and 5′ (1.35m, 1.4m, 1.45m and 1.5m).


(‘PWS’ series)

Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles10

Our popular top-of-the-line paddle has been reshaped and is now offered with your choice of Palm Grip or Tee Grip.