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Wooden Oars & Paddles For Sale

We have been suppling Oars and Boat Paddles for over 35 years, supplying Water Authorities, County Councils, UK Boat Builders, Royal Parks & Estates. We have even supplied Film sets, Department stores, Pubs and Interior Designers.

Rowley Boat Oars make a complete range of boat paddles in any combination of length, shaft size, blade size and grip type.

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Why should you choose our Rowley Rowing Oars? Just look at all the features listed below!


Crafted from strong, durable sitka spruce, these oars have extra long, laminated blades and selected straight-grain robust shafts. The curve of the blade and thinner edges make the blade more efficient but also more delicate than the straight blade oars. 6’6ft and 7’6ft – 1.95m – 2.25m

Heyland Rowley Wooden Boat Spoon Blade Oars


A beautifully finished, laminated oar made from pine, finely sanded and grain sealed before varnishing. Robust and strong but light and durable. Every wooden rowing oar is a perfect specimen. Sizes from 6ft to 10ft” (1.8m to 3m)

Rowley Wooden Rowing Oars have developed special polyurethane OAR SLEEVES. They are custom made to fit without the need for nails.

Heyland Rowley Wooden Boat Oars

Paddles (We can supply in Bulk)


Heyland Wooden Gull Oars & Paddles8

Beautifully finished and sporting our attractive Red Beech Palm Grip, this rugged boat paddle satisfies the needs of strong paddlers from fishermen to white water rafters. 3.6ft – 5ft  (1.05 -1.5m)