Tadpole Pond Boat

The Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat1

Think Small, Think Heyland Tadpole. Like a little Lilypad! Tadpole is one of the smallest pond boats on the market. The ideal tiny craft for your pond, or for sheltered waters. Easy to load onto a roofrack, and will even fit inside a large hatchback car.

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat8

Available in a range of different colours.

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat2

Easy to row, or can be powered by a small outboard.

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat6

Small and fun… exploring the pond with Muffin the Dog.

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat14

‘Many thanks for your co-operation in arranging for the boat to be sent in time for my husband’s birthday! The gift was a huge success and admired by all!’

Mrs P – from Yorkshire

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat3

She’s a pretty little pond boat to get to your island, or float on your pond.

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat15

‘Colossus’ The Tiniest Tender for sheltered waters!

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat4

Winning the race.

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat7

Up the Amazon (pond).

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat12

Lilac for a girl, blue for a boy – A birthday surprise or anniversary gift!

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat13

Beeny in the Marina!

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat5

20 year old Tadpole spotted. Paddling up the stream, life is just a dream!

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat9

A special present, for special person.

Heyland Tadpole Pond Boat10

Happy Birthday Tara!


• Length 6’1″ (185cm)
• Beam 3’11” (120cm)
• Depth 1’6″ (45cm)
• Weight 66-lb (30kg) approx

Supplied complete with:

• Re-inforced Rowing position
• Bow eye
• Hardwood centre seat
• PVC Fendering
• Inner & Outer transom pad
• Closed cell foam block buoyancy

Optional Extras include:

• Fir Oars -6′-0″.1.80m
• Galvanised rowlocks
• Mooring Line
• Boat name -computer cut
• Buoyancy Jackets

Recommended for:

• Ponds
• Lakes

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