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Heyland Pram Dinghy1

The Famous Heyland 6ft Tadpole Pram Dinghy. One of the smallest Pram Dinghies on the market! Sold world-wide.

Heyland Pram Dinghy2

The Heyland Tadpole rows well and also can take a small outboard.

Heyland Pram Dinghy3

The Heyland Tadpole Deluxe Pram Dinghy. Trimmed with wooden decks.

Heyland Pram Dinghy4

The 7ft 10 Heyland Puddleduck available in a choice of colours and can be named as T/T your cruiser or an individual name put on the bow and stern.

Heyland Pram Dinghy6

The Heyland Neptune 220 is great fun for the children and granchildren and comes complete with wheels, very easy to lauch and recover by one person.

Heyland Pram Dinghy8

The Heyland Sturdy 250 is a stable polyethylene Pram Dinghy and comes as a complete package with oars, rowlocks and two roller wheels.

Heyland Pram Dinghy9

Heyland Marine have been manufacturing small Pram dinghies and tenders for over 35 years. The picture above is our Famous Heyland Toad hanging in davits. A custom option where stainless steel u-bolts can be fitted to match the measurements of your boat’s davits.

Heyland Pram Dinghy10

The Heyland Dovetail on Davits. Small Craft of Distinction

Heyland Pram Dinghy11

The Heyland Dovetail tender, with Manila rope fendering.

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