Duchess Rowing Boat

The 11ft Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat For Sale

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat1

This Elegant Boat and Distinctive Fibreglass boat, is full of Character and is built exclusively by Heyland Marine, she is manufactured in England, using the finest mahogany trim. Used by the Sea Rangers since the 1940s as a Pulling Boat, she now complies with the latest RCD regulations.

Customers love her, whilst others stand and admire her. Many Heyland Duchess’s have been hidden by us for surprise Wedding, Retirement and Birthday presents!

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat32

We can personalise her with a name of a loved one, or a Company name/logo.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat23

Another fine home for the elegant Duchess.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat22

Our beautiful Heyland Duchess decked out for a Wedding with Festoon lights!

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat3

Classic lines, Graceful. Perfect for a family day out.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat17

Heyland Duchess gracing a lake en France!

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat13

Or for using to deliver breakfast to your private villa.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat25

The Heyland Duchess and the Queens Royal Thames Swan Upping.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat31

Lord Snuffles with rope fendering and hardwood floorboards on our combi trailer.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat4

Standard colours are white with navy blue top stripe (above), or dark green (below).

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat26

Prettiest boat for your pontoon.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat30

“We are very pleased with it and I am impressed by the quality of fit and finish..it rows very well, due to the raised transom and skeg.”

Mr H, in France.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat5

The Duchess rows exceptionally well and can be powered with a petrol engine, or just glide along in silence with a pollution-free Electric Motor.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat6

Complete with hand-made Mahogany floorboards.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat7

Lazy days – Messing about on the river.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat15

Or the Indian Ocean.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat8

An elegant fibreglass rowing boat, with traditional lines.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat20

We can also build The Heyland Duchess in British Racing Green.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat24

Heyland Duchess of Rutland.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat9

The Heyland Duchess makes an elegant hire rowing boat.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat10

A custom order for a fleet of 20 hire boats.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat11

Classic hire boats for the discerning.

Heyland Duchess Rowing Boat14

Heyland Duchesses in Paradise.


    • Length: 11’3 (340cm)
    • Beam: 4’4″ (132cm)
    • Depth: 1’6″ (45cm)
  • Weight: 188-lb (85kg) approx

Supplied complete with:

    • Mahogany deck
    • Hardwood centre and stern seat
    • Brass rowlock Plates – 2 sets
    • Hardwood Inner & Outer transom pads
    • Brass ring bolts-bow & stern
    • Four buoyancy tanks
  • Drain Bungs located in air tanks and keel

Optional Extras include:

    • Quality Wooden Oars
    • Brass Rowlocks
    • Tonneau Cover
    • Hardwood Floorboards
    • Mooring Ropes
    • Trailers
    • Launching Trolleys
    • Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids
  • Name of your choice

Recommended for:

  • Families
  • Moats
  • Estates
  • Hire Boats
  • Regatta’s

For further information and prices, please contact us now –
Telephone: +44 1628 528830
Email: info@heylandmarine.com