Dovetail Rowing Boat

The 8ft Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat For Sale

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat1

A beautiful fibreglass boat, trimmed in the finest mahogany to grace your pond.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat2

Halcyon Days.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat16

A fleet of Heyland Dovetails, waiting for a fun day out.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat3

Tows well.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat12

Can be supplied with handmade hardwood floorboards.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat4

Live the Dream.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat15

‘We had hours of fun yesterday afternoon and our dog has been up and down the Stour with us already and even our cat came in the boat whilst it was moored up. A beautiful boat and perfect present, thank you.’

Mr H from Poole

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat17

Built exclusively by Heyland Marine and made in standard colours White or Green. Can also be moulded in a Colour of your Choice for a small extra charge.

A cat may look at a Queen!

Dovetail with Hardwood Floorboards.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat6

Fibreglass Rowing Boat for Moats.


Fibreglass Rowing Boat for Ponds.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat19

Great photo showing our hardwood floorboards (optional extra)

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat7

Dovetail Rowing Boat complete with special rope fendering.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat10

Standard hull colours are white with navy blue top plank or dark green.

Heyland Dovetail Rowing Boat11

A Beautiful Little Boat to Grace your Pond or Lake. The Prettiest Yacht Tender to hang in your Davits.She handles well under Oars or Engine and is ideal for watching Wildlife in the backwaters.


  • Length: 8′ (240cm)
  • Beam: 4’5″ (135cm)
  • Depth: 1’8″ (51cm)
  • Weight: 144-lb (65kg) approx

Supplied complete with:

  • Mahogany deck
  • Hardwood centre and stern seat
  • Brass rowlock Plates – 2 sets
  • Hardwood Inner & Outer transom pads
  • Brass ring bolts-bow & stern
  • Five buoyancy tanks
  • Drain Bungs located in air tanks and keel

Optional extras include:

  • Quality Wooden Oars
  • Brass Rowlocks
  • Tonneau Cover
  • Hardwood Floorboards
  • Mooring Ropes
  • Trailers
  • Launching Trolleys
  • Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids
  • Name of your choice

Recommended for:

  • Families
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Yacht tender
  • Individuals

For further information and prices, please contact us now.