Trout Rowing Boat

The Heyland Trout Rowing Boat For Sale

Heyland Trout Lake Boat23

The Heyland Trout River & Lake boat is an attractive GRP fibreglass rowing boat of simulated clinker designed hull

Heyland Trout Lake Boat1

She has a traditional sheerline, ‘tucked’ stern (wineglass transom) and two strong rowing positions.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat12

”We have had so many happy days on our Heyland Trout already that we finally feel like fully fledged river dwellers! Thank you from us all.”

Melanie from Henley-on-Thames

Heyland Trout Lake Boat17

The Heyland Trout makes a excellent hire boat and we can make in your own colours.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat21

Floating on The Thames.

Fun for families – a great day out at a hire boat centre.

Custom order with gun metal gray top deck!

Heyland Trout Lake Boat2

This rowing boat has full buoyancy, with a deep keel (ideal pulling boat)

Heyland Trout Lake Boat22

She has a reinforced stern/transom to take up to a 4 Hp engine, or equivalent 12v Electric motor.

Caviar – custom made colour – Dark Battleship Grey

Heyland Trout Lake Boat13

Special order of Heyland Trout’s delivered to a boating lake in Lincolnshire.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat3

Easy to trail, launch and recover.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat9

‘We have had the Trouts at our Centre for over two years now, and they still look like new. These Have been a great investment and well loved and used, I am glad we decided to go down the line of a quality manufacture as it is true you pay what you get. I would highly recommend these boats to anyone that is interested, they are beautifully made.’

From a Watersports and Adventure Centre

Heyland Trout Lake Boat13

”A huge range of gorgeous bespoke options, incredibly reasonable pricing and spot-on technical advice on engine and trailer choices.”

Mrs O’s from Oxon

Heyland Trout Lake Boat4

Pottering up the Thames, on a warm sunny English summer’s day.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat11

Available in a range of personalised colours for clubs and scout groups.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat5

Take time to relax on your lake.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat6

Fishing Fun for all the family.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat7

Trout having fun at Henley Regatta.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat18

Heyland Trout Rowing Boat – perfect for lakes.

Heyland Trout Lake Boat8

A fleet of Heyland Rowing Trouts!

Heyland Trout Lake Boat10

Large flowerpots for Hotels and Country Clubs.


  • Length 11’6″ (350cm)
  • Beam 4’9″ (145cm)
  • Depth 1’8″ (51cm)
  • Weight 216-lb (98kg) approx

Supplied complete with:

  • Hardwood varnished seats and slats
  •  Brass Ring Bolts Bow/Stern
  • Two pairs brass rowlock plates
  • Three large buoyancy tanks
  • Drain bung in air tanks
  • Drain bung in stern of keel
  • PVC fendering & internal trim

Optional Extras Include:

  • Floorboards
  • Launching Trolley
  • Wooden Oars
  • Brass Rowlocks
  • Mooring Lines
  • Galvanised Road Trailer
  • Protective Keel Band

Recommended for:

  • Families
  • Fishing Clubs
  • Hireboats for Boating Lakes

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