Swift Sailing Boat

The Heyland Swift Sailing Boat For Sale

Heyland Swift Sailing Boat8

The Heyland Swift Sailing Boat can be put on a roof rack and is a fun craft that will row, sail or motor.


Ideal yacht tender with loads of freeboard, equally at home on rivers or lakes for the family to enjoy.

Heyland Swift Sailing Boat2

Many children have learnt to row and/or sail in their Swift.

Heyland Swift Sailing Boat3

Retired couples/families have had years of pleasure in having her as part of the family.


• Length: 8’0″ (245cm)
• Beam: 4’5″ (138cm)
• Depth: 1’8″ (51cm)
• Weight: 144-lb (65kg) approx
• Sail area: 46 sq/ft, 4.3 sq/m

Supplied complete with:

• Anodised Aluminium – Two Piece Mast/Boom
• Main & Jib Sheet and Sailbag
• Rigging pack/Ropes/ Blocks
• Three Airtanks
• Hardwood Seats and Slats
• PVC Fendering
• Drain Bungs located in air tanks and keel
• Laminated Wooden Daggerboard
• Laminated Rudder Blade
• Hardwood Tiller/Folding
• Transom Pad (for small O/B Motor)
• One re-inforced rowing positions
• Ring Bolts – Bow & Stern
• Bulleyes for trackhorse

Optional Extras include:

• Quality Wooden Oars
• Brass Rowlocks
• Tonneau Cover
• Marine Plywood Floorboards
• Mooring Ropes
• Trailer
• Launching Trolley
• Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids
• Name of your choice

Recommended for:

• Families
• Lakes
• Reservoirs

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