Swallow Sailing Boat

The Heyland Swallow Sailing Boat For Sale

Heyland Swallow Sailing Boat1

The Heyland Swallow and Lugger Sailing Boat are much loved by families and used by people who want a simple, no-fuss sailing craft to row, sail or motor. They are straightforward to rig, requiring minimal time to get on the water and enjoy your day’s sailing. Easy to launch, recover and trail on the road, saving mooring fees. Traditional style and attractive in looks, boats with character.
Heyland Swallow Sailing Boat2

Swallow has a gunter rig with striking tan-colour sails and wooden spars.


Rated in RCD (Recreational Craft Directive) Category D

‘We have had countless comments on how lovely the Swallow is, we have even had a few people ask if they could have their photograph taken alongside it!’

Mr & Mrs M. from Kent

Heyland Swallow Sailing Boat3

The Heyland Swallow has a high boom for comfortable sailing.

Heyland Swallow Sailing Boat4


• Length: 11ft 6″ (350cm)
• Beam: 4ft 9″ (145cm)
• Depth: 1ft 8″ (51cm)
• Weight: 243-lb (110kg) approx
• Sail area: Main 6.4 sq/m, Jib 1.9 sq/m

Supplied complete with:

• Wooden – Mast/Spar/Boom
• Main & Jib Sail and Sailbag
• Rigging pack/Ropes/ Tufnol Blocks
• Three Airtanks
• Hardwood Seats and Slats
• PVC Fendering
• Drain Bungs located in air tanks and keel
• Lifting Galvenized Centreboard
• Laminated Rudder Blade
• Hardwood Tiller/Folding
• Adjustable Tracked Boom Fitting
• Transom Pad (for small O/B Motor)
• Two re-inforced rowing positions
• Ring Bolts – Bow & Stern
• Deck Mounted Tufnol Jamb cleats for Jib Sheet
• Gunmetal Eyes for trackhorse

Optional Extras include:

• Quality Wooden Oars
• Brass Rowlocks
• Tonneau Cover
• Marine Plywood Floorboards
• Mooring Ropes
• Trailer
• Launching Trolley
• Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids
• Name of your choice

Recommended for:

• Sailing Schools
• Lakes
• Reservoirs

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