Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat

The Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat For Sale

The Sturdy 350 is an ideal flat bottomed plastic fishing boat, which has been well designed with lockers, eyes for mooring, strong transom pad. These competitively priced, robust, flat bottomed boats, are ideal for County Councils, Fire Services, Flood & Rescue Services, and Private Fisheries for hire as well as being a brilliant stable fishing boat, for the individual or family.

All these plastic boats are rotationally moulded in UV stabilised high density polyethylene. Polyethylene is impervious to osmosis, rot and rust proof and has no outer coating to maintain. These hulls are up to three times stronger than conventional fibreglass and come supplied with Oars & Rowlocks.

Heyland Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat1

Heyland Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat5

Heyland Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat2

Heyland Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat4

Heyland Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat

Heyland Sturdy 350 Rowing Boat3


• Length: 3m50
• Beam: 1m50
• Depth: 0m48
• Weight: 120 kg (approx)
• Seats: 4
• Engine: 9.9 hp Max
• Colour: Green

Supplied complete with:

• Oars & Rowlocks
• Swivel Seat
• Inner & Outer transom pads
• Two Lockers
• Integral buoyancy
• Rear Drain Bung

Recommended for:

• Professional Work Boat
• Pike Fishing
• Country Estates
• Environment Agency
• Rescue Boat

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