Ria Day Boat 380

The Ria 380 Day Boat For Sale

An innovative interior, practical storage lockers, a unique shaped hull.

All these boats are rotationally moulded in UV stabilised HIGH DENSITY polyethylene. Polyethylene is impervious to osmosis, rot and rust proof and has no outer coating to maintain. These hulls are up to three times stronger than conventional fibreglass.

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Heyland Ria 380 Day Boat1

Heyland Ria 380 Day Boat2

Heyland Ria 380 Day Boat3


  • Length: 3m78
  • Beam:   1m84
  • Depth: 0m52
  • Weight: 135 kg (approx)
  • Seats: 3
  • Engine: 15 hp max
  • Colour: Green or Grey

Supplied complete with:

  • 2 storage lockers
  • Reinforced engine mounting
  • A strong bow mooring point
  • Two deck cleats
  • Rowing position
  • Rear Drain bung

Optional Extras Include:

  • Console with steering wheel
  • Rod holders
  • Swivel seats
  • Galvanised Road Trailer

Recommended for:

  • Maintenance work
  • Estates
  • Fishing
  • Tender

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