Neptune 250 Rowing Boat

The Neptune 250 Rowing Boat For Sale

Revolutionary: a boat with 3 wheels!

This rowing dinghy will surprise you with its superior stability and its standard equipment: a bench seat with lockable security for the oars, and a third wheel positioned in the centre towards the bow. Also a reinforced engine mount, which takes up to a 4HP motor. A lifeline safety rope in bow section – Oars and Rowlocks. Side mounted and more than adequate drain bung and sculling point.

All these rowing dinghies are rotationally moulded in UV stabilised HIGH DENSITY polyethylene. Polyethylene is impervious to osmosis, rot and rust proof and has no outer coating to maintain. These hulls are up to three times stronger than conventional fibreglass and come supplied with Oars & Rowlocks and built-in Roller Wheels.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat10

The Neptune 250 is an incredible little boat, immensely stable for her size.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat1

Amazing small, rowing dinghy, comes complete with oars, rowlocks, central locking hatch, lifeline, bung and sculling point.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat11

Good solid rowing dinghy for estates and parks, she will float in minimal water.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat25

Heyland Boats – great photo for our range of plastic rowing boats.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat13

What other 8ft boat is on the market you can stand in the bow and work from?

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat24

”The Neptune rowing boat is too good, I can’t see us ever needing a replacement”

From a Conversation & Arboretum Supervisor

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat15

A model boat club in Sussex has now received their second stable Neptune 250!

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat26

A good English day being towed upstream!

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat16

“Many thanks for our Neptune 250 – we love it. It’s an excellent tender for our yacht, a Beneteau 211. It’s so stable we managed to sit on the same side and tie up alongside our yacht to polish it! It’s extremely easy to row and tow and to climb up to and down from our yacht. Also, the wide wheels make it easily maneuverable on land. During our weeks holiday we really enjoyed having a row just for the fun of it. “Nessie” Neptune is now safely chained and padlocked at it’s new home at Windermere, handy for us to row out to our yacht. It’s already made our sailing lives so much easier! We highly recommend it as a yacht tender.”

Ms L from Lake Windermere

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat23

They have definitely done some real work! The first boat must of done 1000 miles by now, carrying 10 bags of lime, piles of rocks, loaded with timber boards and joists, piles of branches and its still going like a new boat!

Mr N from Carp Fishery

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat22

Miss Neptune helping to clear a lily pond!

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat9

A little rowing dinghy, stable and compact, great character, family fun!

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat3

Messing about in a Heyland Netune Rowing Boat.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat8

Holiday, pond dinghy, fun for the children.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat27

Stable and will float in shallow waters

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat4

Fun for all the family!

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat24

”We couldn’t be more please with our 250 Neptune Rowing boat, which we bought because of its stability and safety, we use it for our young grandchildren”

Mrs C from Teddington

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat20

Locking Hatch, Lifeline, Oars, Rowlocks, Drainage Bung, Sculling Point, Wheels

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat5

‘I couldn’t be more pleased with my birthday gift to myself! Many thanks for all your help.’


Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat12

Inland water Neptune for lakes and rivers.

Heyland Neptune 250 Rowing Boat21

‘The rocks were used to build an underwater island for the fountain to stand on. We couldn’t have done it without such a sturdy and reliable boat. Thank you so much, a truly awesome result!!’

Mrs S.B


• Length: 2m49
• Beam: 1m35
• Depth: 40cm
• Weight: 62 kg (approx)
• Capacity: 3
• Engine: 4 hp Max
• Colours: Green or Blue

Supplied complete with:
• Oars & Rowlocks
• Three Built-in Roller wheels
• Inner & Outer transom pads
• Integral buoyancy
• Stern Drain Bung
• Lifeline
• Central hatch will also secures Oars

Recommended for:

• Maintenance work
• Moats
• Estates
• Fishing
• Tender

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