Flycatcher Rowing Boat

The Heyland Flycatcher Rowing Boat For Sale

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat11

The Heyland ‘Flycatcher’ Fibreglass Rowing Boat is a sturdy well built craft of simulated clinker design. The ‘Flycatcher 460’ with her deep keel maintains good directional stability. All seating in GRP with non-slip pattern means low maintenance.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat1

Increased stability comes with integral hull water ballast tank – which greatly improves stability for both the Fisherman and Family.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat14

An ideal River Fishing Boat for weekend use and also for Families for holidays and day excursions. Easy to launch and recover.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat2

The Heyland ‘Flycatcher Rowing Boat’ is easy to launch and recover.


Flycatcher, at 15ft long, is a good strong boat for clubs, scouts and to use as a workboat.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat4

We can manufacture in a colour of your choice, at a small additional charge.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat12

Heyland Flycatcher leaving for Cheshire.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat5

She is easy to launch and recover with optional trailer.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat10

Photo courtesy of the Sea Scouts, Dartford. They are hosting a Regatta on the 4th July 2015 – all Heyland Flycatchers welcome!

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat9

‘The night those pictures were taken we had a particularly heavy crew but all the Scouts really enjoyed themselves and all felt very safe which is why we like the boats.’ Datford Cambria Sea Scouts

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat6

A classic design with beautiful lines.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat16

“The Royal Navy requires us to provide education in the principles of seamanship. We can now do this in fit for purpose vessels.” Mr H. – Group Chairman

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat13

Named in honour of the groups former long-serving leaders.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat15

Photos courteous of The 1st Oulton Broad Sea Scouts.

Heyland Flycatcher Lake Boat8

Another happy customer!


  • Length 15ft (460cm)
  • Beam 5ft (150cm)
  • Depth 2ft 1″ (64cm)
  • Weight 310-lb (140 kg)

Supplied complete with:

  • PVC Fendering
  • Reinforced Rowlock Plates
  • Inner & Outer Transom Pads
  • Galvanised Ring Bolts-Bow & Stern
  • Heavy Duty Non-Slip Flooring
  • Water ballast tanks-below floor
  • CE Marked Category “D”

Optional Extras include:

  • Wooden Oars – 8’6″-2.40m
  • HD Galvanised Rowlocks
  • Mooring Ropes
  • Tonneau Cover
  • Galvanised Road Trailer
  • Petrol or 12v Outboard Motor

Recommended for:

  • Families
  • Scout Groups
  • Commercial Fishing Lakes
  • Hire fleets
  • Day boat for families

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