Aerators and Fountains

Floating Pond & Lake Aerators and Fountains For Sale


We are proud to of found a new range of Surface Floating Pond and Lake Aerators and Fountains for ice prevention and aeration solutions for wildlife ponds and lakes. These are some of the highest quality Surface Floating Aerators and Surface Floating Fountains on today’s market – and for a fraction of the price! Easy to INSTALL, MAINTAIN AND OPERATE!


Many of our customers mentioned how hard it was to find a reliable product on the market and after a full year of searching.. we are pleased to have sourced and now stock these fantastic ‘aquaequipment’ solutions. Water Aerators and Fountains are crucial to keep the water clean and our aquatic friends healthy! Whether you have a small pond or a large fishing lake please get in touch to find out more.


The aerator’s propeller helps to create the powerful stream of water that is needed to help provide the circulation and injection and dissolution of air and oxygen into the water. Each product helps to reduce polluting elements and as it is a surface floating device it helps to remove any excess algae, nitrogen and any other harmful dissolved gasses.


Our aquaculture equipment has been used for a variety of different reasons – from treatment (injecting and mixing chemicals into the water) to ice prevention in some of our nations best zoo’s and safari parks. Our range of floating fountains are used to help resist misting and icing by producing a spray.


Vertical aeration is most suitable for freshwater, however due to the durability of the materials used, they can be used in seawater as well.

Ideal for removing CO2 – (carbon dioxide) and NH4+ (ammonia) for the water and great for increasing the concentration of oxygen in the water through the air-water contact and for not causing turbulence on the bottom of the pond or lake.

We offer a full installation and after sales service on all of our products, including our diffused aeration systems and our custom weighted poly self-sinking aeration hose.

We have great relationships with some of the leading aqua habitat management specialists in the UK that specialise in improving water quality through habitat enhancements and silt and weed removal.

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