Dovetail Sailing Boat

The Heyland Dovetail Sailing Boat For Sale

Heyland Dovetail Sailing Boat1

Ideal small boat or yacht tender that you can row, sail or motor.

Heyland Dovetail Sailing Boat2

Easy to rig and quick to set sail, great fun teaching the grandchildren to sail!

Heyland Dovetail Sailing Boat3

Picturesque evening sail.

Heyland Dovetail Sailing Boat4

For sheltered waters and harbour sailing.


• Length: 8′ (240cm)
• Beam: 4’5″ (135cm)
• Depth: 1’8″ (51cm)
• Weight: 150-lb (68kg) approx
• Sail area: 46 sq/ft, 4.3 sq/m

Supplied complete with:

• Mahogany deck
• Hardwood centre and stern seat
• Brass rowlock Plates – 2 sets
• Hardwood Inner & Outer transom pads
• Brass ring bolts-bow & stern
• Five buoyancy tanks
• Drain Bungs located in air tanks and keel
• Anodised Aluminium – Two Piece Mast/Boom
• Main & Jib Sheet and Sailbag
• Rigging pack/Ropes/ Blocks

Optional extras include:

• Minn Kota 12v Electric Outboard Motor

• Quality Wooden Oars
• Brass Rowlocks
• Tonneau Cover
• Hardwood Floorboards
• Mooring Ropes
• Trailers
• Launching Trolleys
• Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids
• Name of your choice

Recommended for:

• Families
• Lakes
• Reservoirs

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